COPENMIND-Copenhagen Exhibition of Research – Technology – Innovation

OPEN YOUR MIND! 150 leading universities and research institutes. 4000 industry representatives. The world’s leading marketplace for science and technology with intellectual and commercial matchmaking on a global scale that has never been seen before. Join COPENMIND, September 1-3, 2008, Copenhagen, Denmark
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Open inonovation
Copenmind is a global event, founded and hosted in Copenhagen, Denmark. The value of COPENMIND is the unique combination of academia and business; a cutting-edge platform for partnerships creating the world’s first truly global marketplace for university-industry interaction in relation to technology transfer and research partnerships. COPENMIND is an opportunity to gain insight on future research needs and learn about the thinking and practices of some of the most important knowledge resources from the scientific and commercial spheres.

COPENMIND serves three main objectives:
An opportunity to discover unique technology transfer and join research opportunities.
To promote participating companies, organizations, universities and research institutes.
To develop partnering competence of attendants.
Get a look into the future
COPENMIND 2008 features an extensive programme of presentations, workshops and seminars hosted and attended by universities, research institutes, organisations and companies. The conference will follow six tracks:

Climate change & air pollution
Waste & recycling
Agriculture & land
Partnership building
New partnerships, new technology, new business

COPENMIND takes technology transfer and economic match-making between science and business to a whole new level. The aim is to establish research partnerships from which new solutions and commercial opportunities will grow.

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