Workshop on Magnetic Nanostructures on Surfaces


The international ESF-Eurocores-SONS II workshop “Magnetism at Surfaces” will bring together scientist from both chemistry and physics, addressing the structural organization and functional integration of magnetically active components at surfaces. The meeting aims to report on cutting-edge experimental activities and to promote the theoretical understanding of the organisation, interaction and steering of nanoscaled magnetic systems (e.g. molecules, nanoparticles) at surfaces with the ultimate goal to advance knowledge towards the emergence of new key technologies.


Molecular Self-Assembly
Coordination Chemistry
Molecular Magnetism
Magnetic Nanoparticles
Nanoscaled Transport
Surface Characterisation Techniques
Theoretical Modelling

Organizing Committee

M. Ruben, Institute of Nanotechnology, Karlsruhe
R. Hedderich, Institute of Nanotechnology,
NanoMat, Karlsruhe
A. Di Trapani, ESF, Strasbourg
C. Carbone, CNR-ISM, Trieste
M. Drillon, IPCMS, Strasbourg
Invited Speakers:

P. Grünberg (Nobel Prize of Physics 2007, Jülich)
B. Barbara (Grenoble)
S. Blügel (Jülich)
A. Bousseksou (Toulouse)
H. Brune (Lausanne)
J.-P. Bucher (Strasbourg)
B. Chaudret (Toulouse)
A. Cornia (Modena)
B. Doudin (Strasbourg)
P. Gambardella (Barcelona)
A. Hütten (Bielefeld)
T. Mallah (Paris)
L. Saminadayar (Grenoble)
H. Wende (Duisburg)
W. Wulfhekel (Karlsruhe)
H. v. d. Zant (Delft)

Source: ESF European Science Foundation,


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