Obducat gets $12m nano-imprint tool order

Swedish company Obducat, which specializes in nano-imprint lithography equipment, is set to ship at least two tools to Luxtaltek, a new Taiwanese maker of photonic crystal LEDs.

Nano-imprint lithography (NIL) equipment is making more inroads into the LED manufacturing industry, with Swedish vendor Obducat signing a supply deal worth up to SEK 80 million ($12.6 million).

The mass production order has been placed by Luxtaltek Corporation, a recently formed Taiwanese operation that has major plans to ramp photonic crystal LED fabrication.

Photonic crystal LEDs are similar to regular emitters, except that their structure features arrays of holes. These patterns, if optimized, yield a huge improvement in light extraction. The pattern of holes can be fabricated in various ways, but NIL could now emerge as the standard method, as chip makers target tough applications like LCD TV backlighting units.

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~ by vascoteixeira on August 30, 2008.

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