Conference on Self-Organised NanoStructures in Liquid Crystals

15th-18th September 2008, Calabria, Italy.

This symposium is funded through the European Science Foundation under the EUROCORES programme (SONS II).

Venue: Grand Hotel San Michele Cetraro, Calabria, Italy.

Symposium Chair: Martin Bates (SCALES), Vice-chair: Isabel Saez (LC-NANOP).

This meeting will be a joint symposium between networks in the Self-Organised NanoStructrures (SONS II) programme of the ESF. The general themes of the symposium are the structure and properties of complex liquid crystalline materials and other self-organised nanostructures. The topics covered will include nanostructured materials, synthesis of 1-, 2- and 3-dimensional nano-objects, hierarchical self-assembly, theoretical models and simulations, molecular and supramolecular electronics, opto-electronics properties of self-assemblies and self-assembled nanomagnets.

Presentations will be given on synthesis, morphological, structural and properties characterisation, X-ray, NMR, modelling and simulation. There will also be poster and discussion sessions.


SCALES network: Goran Ungar, Carsten Tschierske, Volker Abetz, Robert Holyst, Martin Bates, Jani Dolinsek.

LC-NANOP network: John Goodby, Heinz Kitzerow, Eva Gorecka, Isabel Saez, Robert Deschenaux, Jose-Luis Serrano, Daniel Guillon, Bertrand Donnio.

Confirmed speakers from other networks: Uta Schlickum (FunSMARTS), Saif Haque (SOHYD), Sergei Chvalun (invited guest).

We also have a limited number of funded places available for members of other EUROCORES SONS II projects. Please contact Martin Bates by 30 April 2008 if you would like to attend.



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