ESF Conference- Self-Assembly Of Guanosine Derivatives: From Biological Systems To Nanotechnological Applications

Dates: 20-25 June 2009

Location: University Centre Obergurgl, Ötz Valley, near Innsbruck, Austria

Programme and applications: available online at

Chair: Prof. Gian Piero Spada, Bologna University (IT)

Deadline for applications: 25 March 2009

Grants: available for young researchers to cover the conference fee and travel costs.

Preliminary Programme

A recent recognition of the widespread biological relevance of the guanosine self-assembly triggered an expanding research of the associated structures and phenomena. The field evolved into various branches and is at present ripe for exchange of ideas and collaboration. The purpose of the conference is to provide a platform for exchange of expertise and ideas between the senior and young reserachers and to create interdisciplinary links between the scientists in this field. It also aims to help establish scientific collaborations on the pan-European and international level.

Guanosine-based self-assembled structures posses large potential that connects biological with the technical world. The importance of G-quadruplex structures in vivo (in telomere structure and function) requires development of a comprehensive knowledge of the structural and folding properties of the G-rich DNA regions. In addition, many recent successful demonstrations of applications of the G-based materials in areas ranging from medical chemistry to molecular nanotechnology and biotechnology require a rapid progress of the interdisciplinary expertise on the topic.

The topic is highly interdisciplinary connecting molecular biology and soft-condensed matter physics with supramolecular chemistry. A link will be established between theory, simulation, experiment and application.

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