AVS is a founding partner of a free search portal to technical content in digital libraries

AVS is a founding partner of a free federated “vertical” search portal to technical content in digital libraries associated with leading science and technology societies.

The web portal (Scitopia.org) is a free service to the general public and has been designed based upon search requirements of the research and technology community. Through Scitopia, full text is available via publisher’s digital products. Scitopia has been engineered to focus searches in technical areas that include engineering, physics, chemistry, materials science, mathematics and computer science. Presently, 21 leading science and technology societies comprise Scitopia.

Scitopia is not just another search engine, but rather directs researchers to the most relevant technical information faster. It is based upon a powerful algorithm designed to eliminate internet “noise” for serious researchers. A “Vertical” vs. a “Horizontal” search engine, Scitopia provides access to the highest quality scientific research available on the web today and offers the most direct route to the very latest research. Lag time associated with web crawling and indexing is minimized.


source: http://www.avs.org


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