Conference Nanotech Insight 2009, 29 March – 2 April 2009 ,Barcelona

The Nanotech Insight conference is a novel meeting on the scientific, technological and social aspects of nanometre scale systems. After its first two successful meetings in Egypt (2007, 2005) Nanotech Insight is now moving along the Mediterranean Sea to Barcelona, a region where nanoscience is having an increasing importance in the scientific community, which will hopefully translate into a positive impact on industry.

This series of conferences aims to integrate the scientific and sociological aspects of nanoscience and technology with lasting relationships between industry and academe, and between scientists, technologists and legislators in the developed and developing areas of the planet.

Please join us as we meet to discuss the latest trends and discoveries in nanoscience with a mixture of plenary and keynote lectures from some of the world’s leading players in the field, as well as space for oral communications and poster sessions. We present you with a forum for both scientific discussions and networking to forge lasting global partnerships.

We hope very much you can join us, and look forward to greeting you in Barcelona in 2009

From the Nanotech Insight Team

Conference Chairmen
David B. Amabilino (ICMAB, CSIC, Spain)
Mohamed Abdel-Mottaleb (SabryCorp Ltd., Egypt)
Steering Committee
Mohamed Abdel-Mottaleb (SabryCorp Ltd., Egypt, CEO)
David B. Amabilino (ICMAB, CSIC, Spain)
Maria Anita Rampi (Ferrara, Italy)
Lionel Vayssieres (NIMS, Japan)
Paul Ziemann (Universität Ulm, Germany)
Frank Cichos (Universität Leipzig, Germany)
Honorary Scientific Committee
Xavier Obradors (ICMAB, CSIC, Spain)
Emilio Lora-Tamayo (CNM, CSIC)
Josep Samitier (University of Barcelona)
Jaume Veciana (ICMAB, CSIC, Spain)
Jordi Pascual (Institut Catala de Nanotecnologia)
F. Xavier Rius (Universitat Rovira Virgili)
Scientific Committee
Christopher Abell (University of Cambridge, UK)
Steven De Feyter (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium)
Amilcar Labarta (University of Barcelona)
Lluïsa Pérez-García (University of Barcelona)
Rasmita Raval (University of Liverpool, UK)
Concepció Rovira (ICMAB, CSIC, Spain)
Local Organising Committee
Angel Perez del Pino (ICMAB, CSIC)
José Vidal-Gancedo (ICMAB, CSIC, Spain)
Nora Ventosa (ICMAB, CSIC, Spain)
Imma Ratera (ICMAB, CSIC, Spain)
Daniel Ruiz-Molina (CIN2, CSIC, Spain)
Susagna Richardt (ICMAB, CSIC, Spain)
Marta Mas-Torrent (ICMAB, CSIC, Spain)


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