2008 Materials Research Society Fall Meeting, December 1-5 in Boston

Welcome to the Meeting!
The 2008 Materials Research Society Fall Meeting will be held December 1-5 in Boston, Massachusetts. With the phenomenal growth in materials research globally, MRS meetings are the bedrock of this increasingly cross-disciplinary international effort. Symposium organizers from around the world have created a program that captures the extraordinary progress in materials science and technology, featuring an exciting mix of new and developing areas of materials research with well-established and popular topics. Forty-five (45) symposia will be the technical core of the meeting. These are grouped into the following five (5) clusters:

Electronics, Photonics, and Magnetism: Hard and soft matter, integration issues, hard-soft hybrids, device physics, and applications
Energy and the Environment: Materials for nuclear, solar, and other energy sources; materials innovations for more efficient utilization and production of energy
Engineered Materials and Modeling: Novel applications of materials for smart systems and biocomplex applications; multiscale modeling of hard, soft, and biomaterials
Nanoscience: Applications of novel properties attributable to nanometer-structured materials
Synthesis and Characterization: Characterization of length scales covering several decades of time and space; synthesis of new materials with complex structures and chemistry
To complement the scientific sessions, tutorials will be offered in a number of technical areas.

Symposium X: Frontiers of Materials Research will feature lunchtime lectures aimed at a broad audience to provide meeting attendees with an overview of leading-edge topics. Poster sessions, an integral feature of MRS meetings, will be held during the evenings. The meeting chairs will award the best posters during each session with prizes of up to $500. Winning posters will be displayed prominently throughout the week.

The international exhibit will showcase products and services of interest to the materials community. In addition, several special events will highlight science outreach; and the Science as Art competition will feature aesthetic scientific imagery. Federal agencies will also host workshops on government funding policies and practices.

We look forward to seeing you in Boston!

2008 MRS Fall Meeting Chairs:

S. Ashok, Shenda Baker, Michael Fitzsimmons, and Young-Chang Joo

2008 MRS Fall Meeting Chairs

S. Ashok
The Pennsylvania State University
Department of Engineering Science
212 Earth and Engineering Science Bldg.
University Park, PA 16802
Tel 814-863-4588
Fax 814-865-9974

Shenda M. Baker
Harvey Mudd College
Department of Chemistry
301 Platt Blvd.
Claremont, CA 91711
Tel 909-621-8643
Fax 909-607-7577

Michael R. Fitzsimmons
Los Alamos National Laboratory
MS H805
Los Alamos, NM 87545
Tel 505-665-4045
Fax 505-665-2676

Young-Chang Joo
Seoul National University
School of Materials Science and Engineering
Kwanak-ku, Seoul 151-744
Tel 82-2-880-8986
Fax 82-2-883-8197


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