European Coatings Conference – Polymeric Nanostructures II

European Coatings Conference
“Polymeric Nanostructures II”
November 27th – 28th 2008 / Berlin, Germany

The Softer Nanotechnology
Nanocoatings can be much more than incorporating small, hard inorganic particles in coatings formulations. Parallel to such developments, modern scientific and technological methods of designing organic polymers on the nanoscale are making inroads into the coatings market as well, promising new functionalities and new property profiles for high-performance formulations.

Innovative core/shell designs, controlled design of block-copolymers, modern emulsion technologies, novel hyperbranched structures, functional polymer brushes, self-assembled layer structures, polyelectrolytes, easy-to-incorporate carbon nanotubes: these are just some of the buzzwords that accompany the current research developments which may in fact influence the coatings design of the future to a large extent.

For the second time after its successful introduction in November 2006, the European Coatings Conference “Polymeric Nanostructures” will go after these developments and explore what innovative polymer design has in store to increase the value and functionality of coatings formulations and surface structures. 13 invited international experts from academia and industry will make you familiar with their recent research results – and will stand to your critical questions about their practical applicability. As always during the ECCs, highly interactive discussion groups focusing on current issues within the field will round off these debates.

As a premiere at this conference, the extra Pre-Conference Tutorial “Designing Polymers for Coatings” will additionally offer an intense and concise review of current coatings-relevant techniques in polymer design, on the day before the main event.

“Polymeric Nanostructures” thus again provide an ideal platform to update your knowledge about new concepts, new developments and new products in this rapidly evolving field, and also to meet and network with an international selection of speakers and delegates representing key companies and institutions.

See you in Berlin!

Kirsten Wrede



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