Strengthening Communication in the nanotoxicology community

Published this week, SAFENANO’s September Feature article focusses on strengthening communication in the nanotoxicology community, especially amongst young researchers, with a report from the first annual SnIRC day held this June in Edinburgh.

The day brought together researchers from three institutes within the Safety of Nanoparticles Interdisciplinnary Research Consortium (SnIRC). It focussed equally on science and social aspects, with half of the meeting being dedicated to dissemination of scientific knowledge, and the other being a more social occation.
The result was a successful day that provided a platform for both more established researchers in the group to share their latest results and ideas, the younger researchers and students to present their work to date and recieve constructive feedback & advice on how to maximise their study’s success, and for everyone attending to get to know each other a little better out of the lab environment.

The Safety of Nano-materials Interdisciplinary Research Centre ( SnIRC ) held its first annual meeting on the 12th June at Napier University, Edinburgh. The day was organised by Professor Vicki Stone of Napier University together with SAFENANO, and brought together SnIRC members from the Institute of Occupational Medicine, Edinburgh University and Napier University. As well as providing an opportunity for members to gather, exchange ideas and discuss the current state of play in the field, it offered a platform for research students involved with SnIRC to present their most recent findings to the group, and to receive feedback on their current work and latest ideas from the experts in attendance.

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