Thin film nanoindentation analysis – free trial software from SIOMEC

Dear colleagues
Please check this message fom Dr Norbert Schwarzer concerning an
offer to all researchers and industry technicians interested in mechanical properties of
thin films.
You are also invited to send him questions/comments on nanomechanical
problems concerning thin films and nanomaterials.

Best regards
Vasco Teixeira

Dear All,

Motivated by many nanoindentation results supposed to give coating
information but being completely substrate dominated a software
package has been developed solving this problem. The software
evaluates the true coating Young’s modulus plus the effective elastic
field in the moment of beginning unloading (giving e.g. the yield
strength). The software can be used for free until the end of this
year. For those of you who have interesting projects and who are also
willing to give us some feedback, we would like to elongate this free
use period.

The download is available at:

but you can also send me a message directly at
in case you have any special request.


Norbert Schwarzer


~ by vascoteixeira on October 30, 2008.

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