GHOST-The innovative Roll-to-Roll pattern deposition system developed by Genefinity

Genefinity Srl aims to develop new processes and products for the industry of biosensors, biomedic devices and all other applications requiring high technology vacuum deposition processes.


Genefinity Hi-resolution One-Step Transfer is an innovative process for the vacuum deposition of thin films with  specific patterns onto plastic webs.

The GHOST revolutionary approach lies in the possibility to deposit metals or isolating materials in just one step by means of proprietary patterning  process developed by Genefinity’s.

The process realizes thin film coatings by high resolution and clean vacuum Roll-to-Roll deposition, and patterns them in the same process. Very high adhesion, precision and flexibility are guaranteed thanks to several innovative sub-process for the activation and cleaning of the substrates.


GHOST technology found application in several field; from biomedical to electronics, and from IT’s to health devices.

GHOST technology is currently used for the successful production of:


-Strips for no-code last generation glycaemia auto-analysis

-RF-ID antennas

-DNA immobilisation strips


There many other applications attracted by the behaviours of the GHOST system; among these:


-Printed Circuitry for Electronic






Genefinity Srl was founded in 2005 by a group of engineers as a spinoff of the University of Trieste.

The goal of our staff is to provide new processes, products and services for the biosensor market, like the patented direct-patterning deposition system, a breakthrough in the field of disposable substrates for bioassays.

The company headquarters, manufacturing and testing facilities are located in the city of Trieste, a strategic area for the developement of high-tech enterprises.


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