Portuguese Participation in the Nanoelectronics Joint Technological Initiative, ENIAC

The \\ (JTI), ENIAC, is a joint initiative between European States, European Industry and the European Commission. Its main goal is fostering European competitiveness in this sector by promoting Innovation through collaboration between major actors in the Nanoelectronics scene in Europe, either from Industry or Academy/Research sides. Portugal has been actively involved in this JTI from its very start, being one of the founding Member States. The first call for collaborative projects, jointly funded by the States and the European Commission, occurred during 2008. Portuguese participation was very successful, as all projects with Portuguese Partners were selected for negotiation (ongoing), taking advantage of the total budget available from Portugal (500k€). This is a clear indication of the degree of excellence already attained by Portuguese players in this area.

Source: www.portugalnano.net


~ by vascoteixeira on January 8, 2009.

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