4-th Symposium on Vacuum based Science and Technology, September 22

4-th Symposium on Vacuum based Science and Technology
in conjunction with
the 8-th Annual Meeting of German Vacuum Society – DVG

organized on September 22-24, 2009 in Koszalin-Kolobrzeg, Poland
the Institute of Mechatronics, Nanotechnology and Vacuum Technique
Koszalin University of Technology
BalticNet- PlasmaTec Association

under the auspices of
Polish Vacuum Society PTP
German Vacuum Society DVG

The 4-th Symposium on Vacuum based Science and Technology is organized under
auspices of Vacuum Societies of Poland and Germany to provide a forum for the
presentation and exchange of expertise and research results in the field of
vacuum and plasma science.

After already three successful meetings in Kraków, Darmstadt and Greifswald, the
mission of the Symposium is to continue and foster cooperation within the plasma
science community.

The 8-th Annual Meeting of the German Vacuum Society – DVG is an event organized
by DVG together with other national Vacuum Societies to stimulate mutual
collaboration in the field of vacuum research and education.


The conference topics will be addressed by invited talks of internationally
recognized scientists.

Contributed papers, accepted by the Scientific Committee, will be presented in
oral or poster form.

An inaugural, solemn session dedicated to Rudolf Clausius, born in Koszalin
(Koeslin) in 1822 will be held in the main campus of Koszalin University of

Conference language is English.

Manuscripts accepted by the Scientific Committee will be published in the
special issue of VACUUM by Elsevier.

The Symposium will be held in Arka-Mega Medical Spa located in Kolobrzeg – an
excellent holiday resort at the Baltic Sea coast.
More details you will find in an attached file and under:

Best regards,

Witold Gulbinski – Chairman of the Symposium

Prof. Witold Gulbinski, PhD, DSc
Division of Vacuum Plasma Nanotechnology
Institute of Mechatronics Nanotechnology and Vacuum Technique
Koszalin University of Technology
75-620 Koszalin, Poland
phone: +48 94 34 78 227
fax: +48 94 34 78 489
e-mail: Witold.Gulbinski@tu.koszalin.pl


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