nano tech 2009 International Nanotechnology Exhibition & Conference

In recent years, nanotechnology driven manufacturing technology has shown huge advancements having an especially large impact on various product applications. Based on optical lithography, new technologies such as ink-jet and nano imprint are creating new waves in ultra-fine processing technology making changes in processing and process implementation entering new markets with high-functional materials. Additionally innovative coating technologies strengthen the durability of precision metal molds making possible the practical application of products which were difficult for mass produce. This matching between technology and manufacturing is what all users in the industries such as Electronics, Automobile, Machinery, Medicine, Chemical, Printing have been seeking which offers a huge potential for business opportunities. Again this year, we will be covering the entire nano marketplace and creating a place for business encounters at Tokyo Big Sight by concurrently holding; nano tech 2008: the world’s largest nanotechnology exhibition, Nano Bio Expo 2009: Exhibition uniting biotechnology, nanotechnology and business,ASTEC2009&METEC’09: Specialist exhibition for surface technology, treatment and processing. neo functional material 2009, exhibition for electronics and printing materials, Convertech JAPAN 2009 for converting industry, and our new exhibition named Printable Electronics 2009, which is the exhibition of printing-technology contribute materially to the development of electronics. Exhibitors will enjoy a powerful synergy effect with visitors to all concurrently held exhibitions. We look forward to your participation.

■ Name  :  nano tech 2009 International Nanotechnology Exhibition & Conference
■Date&Time  :  February 18(Wed.) – 20(Fri.),2009  10:00 – 17:00
■ Venue  :  East Exhibition Hall 3,4,5,6 & Conference Tower, Tokyo Big Sight, Japan
■ Organized by  :  nano tech executive committee
         Chairman  :  Prof. Tomoji Kawai, Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research, Osaka University 
Vice-chairman  :  Dr. Eiichi Maruyama, Special Advisor,Center for Intellectual Property Strategies, RIKEN


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