Photocatalytic Products and Technologies Conference – PPTC’09


Photocatalytic Products and Technologies Conference – PPTC’09


University of Minho, Guimaraes, Portugal during May 11-13, 2009.


PPTC’09 is the first Portuguese conference on photocatalysis and it will be a milestone for all researchers who are interested in this area and its applications. We’ll meet in the wonderful city of Guimarães to resume in three days the major advances in this field, discuss the industrial applications, on-going investigation and also potential networking opportunities. Furthermore, this conference will coincide with a COST Action 540 »PHONASUM« PHOTOCATALYTIC TECHNOLOGIES AND NOVEL NANOSURFACES MATERIALS – CRITICAL ISSUES Management Committee meeting, therefore broadening the interest scope and networking possibilities.

Photocatalytic Materials

Over the last few years there has been a growing interest in the field of semiconductor photo-chemistry regarding the development of self-cleaning materials. Particular nanocrystalline thin films and nanoparticles are capable of acting as photoactive and photocatalytic materials, due to their intrinsic ability of removing pollutants in the gas phase or dissolved in water. The photocatalyst material plays an important role in the dissociation and mineralization of organic impurities on a particular surface, such as on glass, ceramic, metal or a polymer. The vehicle for this photocatalisation is simply solar light. Understanding the fundamental process and enhancing the photocatalytic efficiency of known catalysts has become a major research focus, bearing in mind industrial applications as materials that possess anti-fogging, self-cleaning or antibacterial activities for general purpose surfaces.

Topics of the conference:

 Fundamental Science of Photocatalysis

 Treatments of Water, Air and Soil Including Solar Technologies

 Visible Light Responsive Photocatalyts

 Dye-sensitized Solar Cells

 Synthesis of New Photocatalytic Materials

 Photocatalytic antimicrobial Materials

 Photocatalytic Membranes

 Photocatalytic Reactors

Conference chair:



Carlos José Tavares

Departamento de Física

Universidade do Minho

Campus de Azurém

4800-058 Guimarães


Telephone: +351 253 510 474

Fax: +351 253 510 461






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