The Nanohand Project International Exploitation Event

The Nanohand Project International Exploitation Event

Tuesday 19th May 2009
9am to 4pm

Tate Modern Gallery, London

East Room
(Access via river entrance)

Cost: Free

NanoHand is a European funded project, where leading researchers and industry collaborate to create the world’s first nanorobotic production system inside a scanning electron microscope. Nanorobotics, controlled and even automated manipulation using nanoscale tools, manipulators and soldering techniques, will allow tiny carbon nanotubes to be placed as components anywhere in a circuit to replace ordinary components or to form altogether novel devices that could not be produced using conventional methods.

Agenda Includes:

Keynote Speaker Nanotechnology – Assessment and Perspectives
Prof. Dr. Gnter Schmid

Introduction to NanoHand
Albert Sill – Offis

NanoLab + Grippers
Volkmar Eichhorn, DTU/Offis

Micro-Nano manipulation platform for Electronic and Optical microscopy
Christophe Canales, EPFL

Micro technology
Luigi Occipinti, ST Microelectronics

Exploitable Outcomes of NanoHand
Darren Morrant, EurExcel

HYDROMEL -A project for future hybrid assembly
Dr. Alexander Steinecker, CSEM

SME perspective
Mr Radi, Technoorg


“How to best disseminate Nano”
Miguel Sousa, Net-Share Project

Discussion Forum: “Potential and Limits of Exploitation in Nanotechnology”
Chair: Del Stark (IoN)

Panel Q &A Session
All speakers

The purpose of this event is to
Disseminate the results of the project to a wide audience
Provide a platform for networking and knowledge exchange between the Nanohand Consortium, other EU projects and industry
To publicise the achievements of NanoHand
To identify business and other opportunities for further exploitation of the project output

As well as renowned keynote speaker Prof. Dr. Gnter Schmid, those attending will include
Blue chip companies, SMEs
Businesses who will use the Nano technology within their own market area
Scientific Community, researchers and applied research associations
Other EU Nano projects
Multiplier associations



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