BioNano 2009 Conference and Expo

BioNano 2009 is the premier annual nano-biotechnology conference and exposition.
Now in our 7th year, we expect over 5,000 attendees and 250 exhibitors.
May 3-7 2009, Houston, TX
The conference and exposition will be held at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston. Situated next to Discovery Green in Houston’s downtown, the facility is connected to the Hilton Americas – Houston, the conference venue hotel.

Symposium & Topics
Biosensors & Diagnostics: Clinical, Health, Enviro, Lab-on-Chip, Imaging, SPR, Markers, Particles & Q-dots
Bio Analytical Instrumentation: Mass Spec, Fluids, Assays, Arrays, Surface, Sizing & Imaging Instrumentation
Bio Nano Materials: Biomimetics, Cellular Interaction, Receptors, Channels, Tissues, Organs, Scaffolds
Drug Delivery: Targeting, Entry, Release, Microcapsules, Liposomes, Antibody Delivery
Cancer Nanotechnology: Cancer Biomarkers, Cancer Immunotherapeutics, Cancer Ligands, Drug Delivery
Nanotech to Neurology: Therapies, Visulalization, Delivery, Properties, Nano-Neurol Interface
Phage Nanobiotechnology: Particles, Phage Enineering, Imaging, Phage Sythesis & Applications
Nano Medicine: Novel Therapies, Cellular & Molecular Dynamics, Drug Design, Transort, Targeting



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