Post-doctoral position in molecular opto-spintronics

IPCMS- University of Strasbourg
Post-doctoral position in molecular opto-spintronics

A post-doctoral position is available for a motivated scientist with a track record in spin electronics, molecular electronics and/or optical spectroscopy techniques. Research will take place at the Institute for Physics and Chemistry of Materials in Strasbourg IPCMS, where a new facility for nanofabrication is being established. This laboratory is funded by a “Chaire d’excellence” fellowship from the French Ministry. and a Nanosciera European grant. The research involves the fabrication of new nano-electrodes systems. We investigate the ballistic-type transport in magnetic electrodes, and are studying how magnetic electrodes can be used as interconnects for molecular entities The team has two permanent researchers, one postdoc and five graduate students. The proposed research will rely on the state-of-the-art nanofabrication facilities recently installed in the laboratory for fabricating new types of nanoelectrodes systems making accessible the interface of atomic entities to macroscopic electrical measuring lines.
Job Requirements: Skills in nanofabrication, electrical and optical properties measurements are a plus. Specialists in self assembled materials and Raman spectroscopy are welcome. This research is at the interface between solid state physics and chemistry, and the ideal candidate should be a physicist able to talk to chemists (or inversely!).
Location: Strasbourg, France

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