AVS 55th International Symposium -From Nano to Astronomical: The Science & Technology of Materials, Interfaces, &

AVS 55th International Symposium
From Nano to Astronomical: The Science & Technology of Materials, Interfaces, &

Call for Papers
E-mail/Web Abstract Deadline: May 14, 2008

The AVS is currently accepting abstract
submissions for presentation at our 55th International Symposium,
October 19-24, 2008, in Boston, MA. Please click on this web site for full
details (http://www2.avs.org/symposium/boston/program/pages/information.html).

I’d like to particularly encourage you to submit an abstract to one of the
sessions sponsored by the Advanced Surface Engineering Division of AVS (see
session list with invited speakers below), which focus on new materials,
coatings, technologies, characterization, manufacturing, applications, and
fundamentals of surface engineering. Dedicated sessions are planned for hard and
nanocomposite coatings, pulsed plasmas, glancing angle deposition,
photocatalytic coatings, and deposition and surface treatments at atmospheric
pressure. These sessions will particularly emphasize fundamental understanding
of the synthesis, structure, and property correlations in multilayered and
functionally gradient, hard and nano-composite coatings; advances in glancing
and oblique angle deposition; pulsed plasma technologies and HIPIMS, deposition
of novel coatings and treatment of engineering surfaces by atmospheric pressure
plasmas, understanding of friction and wear mechanisms and tribochemistry of
protective coatings and surface treatments; conventional (TiO2 and doped TiO2)
and alternative photocatalytic coatings. Under these topics, presentations on
novel coating materials, processes, design and modeling, diagnostic and growth
control, structural, chemical, and mechanical characterizations, wear and
corrosion protection, oxidation resistance and thermal stability, self-cleaning
processes and air/water purification, and other aspects related to surface
engineering and coatings are solicited.

SE1+NC Hard and Nanocomposite Coatings: Synthesis, Structure, and Properties
– G.C.A.M. Janssen, Delft University, The Netherlands,
“Stresses in Hard Coatings”
– J.-P. Riviera, Universite de Poitiers – UFR Sciences – SP2MI, France,
Structural Development and Mechanical Properties of TiN-Ni Nanocomposite

SE2+PS Pulsed Plasmas in Surface Engineering
– J. Emmerlich, RWTH Aachen, Germany,
“Deposition Rate of High-Power-Pulse Magnetron Sputtering Processes”
– J.T. Gudmundsson, University of Iceland,
“On the Plasma Parameters in the High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering
Discharge (HiPIMS)”

SE3+TF+NC Glancing Angle Deposition
– A. Lakhtakia, Pennsylvania State University,
“Sculptured Thin Films: Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed,
Something Blue”
– Y. Zhao, University of Georgia,
“Glancing Angle Deposition at the Nano-Bio Interface”

SE4 Deposition and Plasma Surface Treatments at Atmospheric Pressure
– L. O’Neill, Dow Corning Plasma Solution, Ireland,
“Controlling Plasma Deposition with Liquid Aerosol Precursors”
– K.-D. Weltmann, INP Greifswald, Germany

SE5 Photocatalytic Coatings
– J.-M. Herrmann, Institut de Recherches sur la Catalyse et l’Environnement de
Lyon, France,
“Rules for Efficient Titania Coatings: Applications to Water, Air and Material
– T. Watanabe, The University of Tokyo, Japan,
“Wettability Controlled Surface of Photocatalytic Coatings”

SE6 Advanced Surface Engineering Poster Session

EN1+SE+NS+SS+NC Hydrogen Storage
– D. Mitlin, University of Alberta, Canada,
“Light-Element Destabilized Mg-based Thin-Film Alloys for Hydrogen Storage”
– P. Sutter, Brookhaven National Laboratory,
“Atomistic Mechanisms of Reversible Hydrogen Storage in Complex Metal Hydrides”

EN6+BI+SS+SE Catalysis for Energy Sustainability
– C.L. Marshall, Argonne National Laboratory,
“Size, Shape, and Support Effects in Oxidative Coupling Reactions”
– J.K. Norskov, Technical University of Denmark,
“Understanding Trends in the Catalytic Activity of Transition Metals”
TR2+SE+TF Advances in Surface Engineering for Friction and Wear Control
– A. Cavaliero, University of Coimbra, Portugal,
“Latest Developments on the Family of C-alloyed TMD Self-lubricating Coatings”

Ali Erdemir, Ph.D.


Program Committee of the Advanced Surface Engineering Division, AVS

Senior Scientist
Argonne National Laboratory
Energy Systems Division
Tribology Section
9700 South Cass Avenue
Argonne, IL 60439


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