Microfluidics / Nanofluidics on Superhydrophobic Surfaces for Chemical Separations and Microflow / Nanoflow studies

National Center for Scientific Research “Demokritos”, Institute of Microelectronics

The plasma group of the Institute of Microelectronics NCSR Demokritos has an expertise in fabrication of superhydrophobic or superhydrophilic rough surfaces on polymers, and on incorporation of such surfaces in micro and nanofluidic devices. The group seeks to study basic flow properties on such surfaces and apply them for chromatographic or other separations as well as for water contact line studies during immersion lithography in collaboration with ASML.

Qualifications: Candidates must have a PhD in Physics or Engineering or Chemistry and must have worked in microfludics for separation science (e.g. on chip chromatography, electrocromatography, electrophoresis, etc), and / or flow over superhydrophobic surfaces, and / or experimented with micro and nano flow analysis (wetting, contact angle, velocity measurements). Alternatively, candidates with MSc degree and research experience of 4 years in the field are eligible. A good experimental background and some theoretical fluid mechanics knowledge is required. Excellent Use of the English Language oral and written is required. Knowledge should be proven with Cambridge / Michigan Proficiency or at least Advanced Degree for non-native English Speakers, and / or high score TOEFL tests, and /or other equivalent certification, or from PhD studies where English was used as a language for communication and PhD dissertation.

Marie Curie Grant for 18 months
Contact: Evangelos Gogolides, evgog@imel.demokritos.gr


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