NanoFair – 7th International Nanotechnology Symposium

7th International Nanotechnology Symposium

26-27 May 2009, Dresden, Germany

New Ideas for Industry

Nobel prize winner at Nobel prize

We are particularly pleased that we may welcome Mr. Professor Dr. Peter Grünberg of the Forschungsinstitut Jülich as a speaker. Due to his discovery of the giant magnetic resistance effect in the 80’s he was honoured in 2007 with the Nobel Prize for physics.

Under the slogan “New Ideas for Industry” experts from research and industry will discuss these and related challenges at the 7th international “Nanofair 2009” on 26 and 27 May 2009 in Dresden (Germany) involving different
solutions for the areas of

– electronics
– materials/surfaces
– life sciences,
– energy and optics.

As a participant you can expect an extensive program with international lectures as well as an accompanying poster and specialized exhibition.


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