Postdoctoral positions in NEMS, nanophotonics, nonlinear dynamics and quantum measurement

Postdoctoral positions in NEMS, nanophotonics, nonlinear dynamics and quantum measurement

Here is an exciting opportunity for you to work at the boundary of two cutting edge fields – NEMS and silicon photonics. We invite you to join our group. You need to be an expert in at least two of the following fields (or bring in your unique expertise):

You’ve done research in nanoelectromechanical systems.
You’ve worked on silicon photonics or related photonic system.
You’ve studied the nonlinear dynamics in nanoscale oscillators.
You know noise well. You are good at RF, microwave and fiber-optics measurement, and know how to make sensitive classical or quantum measurements on nanostructures
You are a fab guru. High precision ebeam lithography is your key technique.
You are an innovative equipment builder. You are familar with machining. Cryogenics, vacuum system, fiber optic, you are expert in all or you learn from us…
You know both finite element simulation and FDTD simulation.

Yale postdocs are considered to be research faculty and eligible for very competitive benefit package. See postdoc handbook for more details. Contact Professor Hong Tang,


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