Innovalight installs OTB Solar silicon-ink inkjet printing system that prints 2000 Solar Cells per hour

Innovalight has installed what is being called the industry’s first high-throughput silicon-ink inkjet printing system at the company’s headquarters in Sunnyvale, CA. Netherlands-based OTB Solar engineered and manufactured the system in cooperation with Innovalight.

Through the use of high-precision touchless inkjet printing of silicon ink, Innovalight said it can cut in half the number of manufacturing steps usually required to produce high-efficiency solar cells. The OTB platform can print more than 2000 solar cells per hour, faciliating high-volume production of ultrathin crystalline-silicon solar cells with thicknesses down to 50 microns.
“In OTB Solar we found a strong partner with experience in both solar industry and inkjet printing technologies,” said Conrad Burke, CEO of Innovalight, adding that the Dutch company’s “team delivered a very sophisticated and powerful solution to Innovalight in record time.”

Chris Boomaars, head of OTB Solar’s new business development division said that “inkjet printing is becoming the next generation solar-cell manufacturing technology. Using silicon-ink processing, Innovalight will dramatically improve the cost and efficiency of today’s silicon solar cells. This partnership is a great example of how we take solar cell production to the next level.”

Innovalight announced in January that Roth & Rau had installed a scaleable 10-MW pilot production line, which combined aspects of traditional solar-cell process tooling and the venture-backed company’s proprietary silicon ink manufacturing systems.

Current mass manufactured solar cells are almost four times thicker requiring more material and twice as many processing steps to convert into finished solar cells.



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