Hyderabad – Nanotechnology’s First Magazine in India

A new nanotechnology magazine entitled the Nano Digest is a monthly magazine that recently landed on newsstands; this is India’s first nanotech based magazine. Professor C.N.R. Rao, the renowned scientist and Indian Nanotechnology’s father, recently unveiled the first edition.
About a year and a half ago, the Indian Government began the National Nano Mission. In a cover story presented in the first issue of the Nano Digest, an English magazine, Prof. CNR Rao, Chairman of Nano Mission asserted that nanotech researchers have been requesting government investment in the development and research of nanotechnology and nanoscience for quite a while. Now, the Indian government has agreed to provide Rs.1000 crore to be used for the Nano Mission in order to start a variety of nano-based projects. Rao also explained that the Nano Mission intends to establish two distinct institutes of Nanoscience and Technology: one in Chandigarh and one in Bangalore.

In Nano Digest, the cover story focuses on Prof. C.N.R. Rao, FRS, the is Chair of the Scientific Advisory Council to India’s Prime Minister and National Research Professor, Linus Pauling Research Professor and Jawaharalal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research. According to K Jayadev, Nano Digest’s editor, Professor Rao is known globally for his considerable contributions to nanoscience and solid state and materials Chemistry. The Professor has authored more than 1500 papers and over 40 different books; Rao is the recipient of 46 honorary doctorates from a variety of universities, and he has been honored on a national and international level with numerous scientific awards, all except the Nobel Prize. The feature story concentrates on the use and research of Nanotechnology in India, the future direction of the field, and the benefits of such technology.

The maiden issue of Nano Digest contains 50+ pages that are targeted toward nanotechnology researchers, scientists, and interested industries; the magazine costs Rs.100/- and subjects covered in the nanotechnology magazine include nanotech based events, nanotech news, nanotech story updates, and research and innovation success stories. The digest also offers a Nano Community column, information about nanotech educations and careers, and some of the benefits of getting into the nanotechnology research field. The entire magazine has been established as a dedication to nanotech development, research, business implementation of nanotech innovations, and nano trends. Accessing a copy is possible by contacting Nano Digest at 23235414 or by emailing the company at nanodigest@gmail.com This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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