Nanofabrication Facility Director-Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Position Open for Nanofabrication Facility Director
Lawrence Berkeley
National Laboratory
Berkeley, CA USA
Position Type: Full Time

Job Description:
The Nanofabrication Facility under the Molecular Foundry at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) invites applications for the key position of Nanofabrication Facility Director. This position is responsible for leading innovative research programs as well as day-to-day management and operation of the facility.
The successful candidate will work jointly with the Foundry’s scientific director to establish an overall scientific direction and long-term strategic plan for the facility. A critical aspect of this role is to maintain the Nanofabrication Facility at the forefront of nanofabrication technology by fostering internal research efforts. In addition, the Facility Director will work with external users and internal staff to integrate nanofabrication techniques with those of the Foundry’s organic, inorganic, and biological facilities to build novel functional systems.

Key research related responsibilities include:

Conduct research on the fabrication of integrated nanostructured systems involving both top-down and bottom-up nanofabrication technologies
Carry out original research to fully exploit the unique capabilities of the 100kV electron-beam lithography tool, the Step and Flash nanoimprint lithography tool, dual-beam FIB tool, and a suite of plasma etching tools.
Participate in the design, implementation, and evaluation of collaborative experiments, including the development of methodology and instrumentation.
Supervise Nanofabrication Facility staff in the development of a service facility for nanolithography, thin-film deposition, wet-chemical processing and plasma etching.
Key operational responsibilities include:

Manage a staff of approximately 7-9 staff scientists, postdocs, engineers, and technicians; accountability includes budget, hiring, office/lab space and equipment, supervision, and performance management
Work closely with the Environment, Safety and Health (ESH) manager regarding policies, procedures, and proper training
Responsible for scheduling and assignment of approved user projects among the staff, as well as helping to determine user proposals feasibility
Develop annual budgets and spending plans; prepare reports and presentations to the Department of Energy and Berkeley Lab management
Establish training programs for users to operate equipment, and provide timely technical/scientific support


Qualifications include:
5+ years of experience in electron-beam nanolithography, thin-film deposition, wet chemical, and plasma etch processing
Ability to conduct creative, independent research and to recommend process improvements
Demonstrated ability to lead a team of professional scientists and interact effectively with a broad range of colleagues
Experience in semiconductor device fabrication

Application Info:

Please see the full job details and apply at
Berkeley Lab is an Affirmative Action/ Equal Employment Opportunity employer committed to developing a diverse workforce


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