Nanotech Europe 2009

28th – 30th September 2009 in Berlin

As we begin to see early signals of economic recovery in Europe, Nanotech Europe looks at the role nanotechnology will play in future economic development. Join the event to learn:

What firms across a wide range of industrial sectors need from nanotechnology; Nokia, Shell, Daimler, Thales, Fiat, Bayer and many others will talk about their activities and how they see nanotechnology affecting their industry
How major open innovation players seek out and develop external technologies. The Executive Forum, in partnership with Lux Research, will cover best practices in technology scouting, key strategies for open innovation, and why open innovation is so relevant in nanotechnology. The forum features contributions from Oerlikon, Procter & Gamble, Merck, DSM, Dow, Good Energies, Solvay, Kuraray, Nanogate, Elmarco, Dow Chemical and the European Commission.
What independent and corporate VCs are looking for when they review start-ups in nanotechnology
How public funding leaders from the European Commission, Russia , China , France , Singapore , Finland and the UK are planning to support nanotechnology commercialisation
All this is in addition to a large exhibition of tools, instruments and the services, and over 30 sessions featuring some of the most innovative nanotechnologies from across the globe.

Register now to confirm your place in these sessions, and to save 30% on onsite rates.

Meet international partners

Nanotech Europe already has registered participants from over 50 countries. The event offers a matchmaking service for all registered participants, allowing you to set up meetings with fellow attendees from universities, research institutes and companies. The matchmaking is co-organised with Enterprise Europe Network.

View the full conference programme online at

Spinverse Ltd. | Tekniikantie 14 | FI-02150 ESPOO | FINLAND

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