Post-Doc Position in New Transparent Conducting Oxides prepared by PLD

“New Transparent Conducting Oxides”
Laboratoire de Réactivité et Chimie des Solides, Amiens, France.

Transparent conducting oxides (TCO), characterized by a low resistivity and a
high transparency in the visible domain, are key components in many
optoelectronic devices including flat panel displays, smart displays,
photovoltaics. Aluminum doped ZnO, fluorine doped SnO2 and tin doped In2O3 have
been the most common TCO materials for the last 20 years. However, the increase
diversity in technologies, as well as the high cost of In have resulted in the
need of new systems. Among them, the TiO2:Nb family has been reported to be
extremely promising.

In the framework of the European project INTERREG 4, which involved four
partners, namely the University of Kent-Canterbury, Delft University,
l’Université du Littoral, Dunkerque et l’Université Picardie Jules Verne,
Amiens, our goal is the deposition of highly conductive TiO2 based thin films
using the Pulsed Laser Deposition technique. Aiming at building flexible
devices, low temperature substrate will be favoured whereas parameters such as
the oxygen pressure will be optimized in respect of the chosen dopant. The
choice of the dopant will be guided by modelling considerations performed within
the framework. All films will be characterized by a huge range of techniques
available at the Laboratoire de Réactivité et Chimie des Solides, including
X-ray diffraction, Transmission and Scanning Electron Microscopy, Optical
characterization, and completed via collaborations. In particular the structural
characterization will be completed by XAS measurements with the University of
Kent Canterbury.

This position is opened to a highly motivated candidate with a Ph. degree in
Physics/Material Sciences/Solid State Chemistry, willing to share his/her work
with the various partners of the Framework in the course of regular meetings.
The post–doctorate fellow will closely work with a Ph. D student involved in a
European Framework devoted to Electrochromic devices.

Interested candidates should send their application including Resume, a «
motivation » letter as well as references to Aline Rougier (Email: aline.rougier – Phone: – Fax:
Salary: about 1800-1900 euros per month. For a starting period of 11 months
Starting date : November 1st 2009.


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