A New CIGS Company Emerges: Telio Solar

Telio Solar is nudging its way into an already crowded CIGS market, but what sets it apart?
Just when you thought the market for copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS) solar panels might be overheated and overcrowded, here’s another name for you: Telio Solar Technologies.

Telio is a something of a South Korean-U.S. venture. It was founded by Gapseong Noh, a chip expert, and Chriss Hwang, an expert in OLED manufacturing. Both attended college in South Korea, grad school in the U.S. and have worked at various companies with operations in one or both countries. The same goes for several other members of the management team.

The company, which is based in Los Altos, recently completed the construction of pilot line for manufacturing CIGS cell measuring 300 millimeters by 300. It wants to have a commercial manufacturing facility up and running by the first half of 2009 that will produce 600mm x 1200mm modules. The company hopes to have 10 MW of manufacturing capacity by next year and 30 MW in 2010.

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~ by vascoteixeira on December 4, 2009.

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