Zyvex Instruments releases the new nProber z series with 500 eV imaging; the only nanoprobing tool capable at the 22nm node and below

The semiconductor industry has passed another critical milestone along Moore’s Law: the sub – 32nm node. At the 90nm node we saw optical microprobing fail in its ability to find non-visual fails. A major transition took place from microprobing to various forms of nanoprobing. The 32nm node is now challenging all of those nanoprobing techniques. At 32nm and below there is an increased sensitivity to the SEM beam. The contacts (whether they are tungsten or copper) are becoming soft and shorting due to smearing. The geometries are now small enough that the majority of the available tungsten probes are no longer sharp or thin enough. The contacts are so close to one another that extremely precise control with a high degree of feedback is needed to keep probes separate and stable.

Zyvex Instruments has solved these problems with the nProber z series. The newest nProber is the most advanced nanoprobing system available today. Utilizing a Zeiss Supra 55 FE-SEM as the imaging platform, the nProber is capable of probing samples at 500 eV with low enough sample currents to avoid any negative effects to transistor performance. The system is upgraded with the latest automated features – probe planing, touchdown sensing, etc. The Zyvex supplied probe tips have a 40nm tip radius and 10 degree taper angle and have been used in the system to fit 8 probes on a 22nm bit cell at metal 1. The 500 eV image is still real time so the user can constantly monitor and maintain the probe contact and stability. All of this has been accomplished while maintaining the easy-to-use process flow enabling even novice users to be up and probing with minimal training time.

For further details you can download the datasheet at our website: http://www.zyvex.com. Contact us at sales@zyvex.com for images, movies, and demos of the system.

About Zyvex Instruments
Zyvex Instruments offers a suite of nanoprobing characterization solutions for the semiconductor industry and advanced research markets. The Zyvex Applications Group works closely with customers and product development to provide custom software, integrated solutions, advanced applications, and customer support. Complete system solutions are based on our deep understanding of the challenges faced by applications of nanoscale characterization. Our vision is to help our customers understand the world at a different scale — and unlock new technologies for the future.

Zyvex Instruments releases the new nProber z series with 500 eV imaging; the only nanoprobing tool capable at the 22nm node and below.

Richardson, Texas (September 10, 2009)

source: http://www.zyvex.com

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