2010 MRS Spring Meeting

April 5-9, 2010
Moscone West and San Francisco Marriott
Exhibit: April 6-8
Meeting Chairs: Anne C. Dillon, Robin W. Grimes, Paul C. McIntyre, Darrin J. Pochan

The 2010 MRS Spring Meeting will feature 42 technical symposia in four topical clusters, an international exhibit highlighting products and services of interest to the materials community, and much more.

The 2010 Materials Research Society Spring Meeting will be held April 5-9 in San Francisco, California. The technical meeting and exhibits will be located at the Moscone West Convention Center and will include 42 symposia involving the categories of Functional Materials, Nanomaterials, Energy Materials, and Soft/Biomaterials. To complement the scientific sessions, tutorials will provide a detailed introduction to particularly exciting areas of research; and the exhibit will showcase products of interest to the materials community.

The scientific sessions will include many new and developing areas of materials research as well as some well-established and popular topics:

Functional Materials includes symposia with focus on electronic materials and devices, plasmonics, sensing, semiconductor processing, superconductors and perovskites. Nanomaterials contains the production and characterization of oxides, nanowires, particles, sheets, and tubes, along with their applications in photovoltaic, optical, or electronic devices. Energy Materials is diverse in symposia dealing with energy production in nuclear materials, thermoelectrics, fuel cell membranes, and organic and inorganic photovoltaics. Energy storage in batteries as well as fundamental energy material issues such as defects and charge transport in photovoltaic materials, new computational and characterization approaches will also be covered. Soft/Biomaterials has a strong emphasis in materials construction via molecular assembly mechanisms with a variety of molecules (such as peptides, DNA, and polymers), spanning the nanoscale through the micro- and macroscale, using a variety of techniques such as evaporative and directive assembly vs self-assembly, for a variety of technologies such as biomedicine, energy, and electronics.

Symposium X: Frontiers of Materials Research will feature topics of general interest at the forefront of materials science and engineering.

2010 MRS Spring Meeting Chairs:

Anne Dillon, Robin Grimes, Paul McIntyre, and Darrin Pochan



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