PhD position in photonics and nanomaterials in Holland

The research group of Prof. Tom Gregorkiewicz at the Van der Waals – Zeeman Institute of the University of Amsterdam invites applications for PhD position in optical spectroscopy of carrier multiplication in germanium nanocrystals.

Nanocrystals are crystalline materials confined in three dimensions to nanometer size. The confinement potential results in atomic-like quantized energy structure, where behavior of excited carriers is strongly altered compared to that in bulk material. Among others, an interesting effect is the enhanced carrier multiplication – generation of multiple carriers by absorption of a single – often seen in semiconductor nanocrystals. The project is part of the Joint Solar Programme founded by Shell Research, the Foundation for Fundamental Research on Matter (FOM) and Chemical Sciences (CW) division of the Dutch Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). It comprises a paid position and aims at the study of cooperative carrier processes of multiple exciton generation and space-separated quantum cutting in solid dispersion of germanium nanocrystals in large bandgap matrices. The candidate will prepare different materials and investigate them by optical spectroscopy. Additionally, optimized designs for spectral conversion and carrier extraction for use in solar cells will be developed.

The candidate should have a Master’s degree or the equivalent in physics, chemistry or materials science. Knowledge of optical spectroscopy and/or thin film deposition techniques is preferred.

To apply:

Please send your complete application by email or post to:

Dolf Timmerman
Van der Waals – Zeeman Institute,
University of Amsterdam
Valckenierstraat 65,
NL-1018 XE Amsterdam, The Netherlands
phone: +31.20.525.6339
fax: +31.20.525.5788


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