Conference – Advances in Smart Materials

Event Type: Conference/Seminar/Information Day
Start Date: 21-Jan-2009
End Date: 21-Jan-2009
City: London
Country: United Kingdom

The programme covers a wide spectrum of technology, Advanced Structural and Composite Materials, Materials Discovery and High Throughput Screening, Advances in Smart Coatings, Surfaces and nano-Materials, Kodak European Research amongst others.

Speakers from top companies such as McLaren Racing, Airbus, Nokia Reseach Centre, Sun Chemical and many more.

We can set up 1-2-1 partnering meetings between academic and industry delegates, with as many as time permits.

Furthermore there will be adequate opportunity for ad hoc meetings during the networking sessions

Industrial Sectors: Industrial manufacture
Materials technology
Heavy metals industry, smelting

Info: Name: Ohene
First Name: Sheila
Telephone: +44 0870 730 8656
Fax: +44 870 765 7606


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