2010 E-MRS Fall Meeting, FP7 Session: Advances in materials under EU Framework Programmes

Dear colleagues

Aiming to increase the awareness of the role of EU Framework Programmes in stimulating the research on materials, during 2010 E-MRS Fall Meeting the FP7 Session is organized. The session is destined for presentation of significant achievements on materials obtained under FP6 and FP7 projects.

The session will be scheduled on Thursday, 16 September 2010, at 9:00.

As the coordinator/partner of project on materials supported from EU Framework Programmes, you are kindly invited to take part in the session. Both oral (up to 10-15 minutes) and poster presentations are available.

The registration for the session is opened separately from the registration of E-MRS, at http://www.kpk.gov.pl/aktualnosci/imprezy/i.html?id=4055.
Please, use the “Additional information” field in the registration form in order to provide the abstract of your presentation (up to 1500 ASCII chars). Please, use also this field to indicate either oral or poster presentations you prefer.

The abstract may be included in the digital Book of abstracts of the 2010 EMRS Fall Meeting.

We kindly encourage you to use this opportunity to disseminate results of your FP project at one of the most important European event on materials.

If you are already registered participant of 2010 E-MRS Fall Meeting, the presentation can be given without additional payments.
If not, please register as well for the 2010 EMRS Fall Meeting at the Conference web page http://www.emrs-strasbourg.com/.
Alternatively, if you intend to attend exclusively this session, a special, one-day registration fee can be offered.

For issues related to the programme of FP7 Session please contact NCP for NMP in Poland:
Jaroslaw Piekarski (jarolsalw.piekarski@kpk.gov.pl) or
Malgorzata Kapica, (malgorzata.kapica@kpk.gov.pl)
Phone.: +4822 828 7483 ext.: 344,
Fax: +4822 828 5370
Website: http://www.kpk.gov.pl

For organizational issues please contact
2010 E-MRS Fall Meeting Office
Agnieszka Rytel
Phone/Fax: 00 48 22 2348794
e-mail: emrs@inmat.pw.edu.pl

Hoping to meet you in Warsaw,
With best regards
Jaroslaw Piekarski

Jarosław Piekarski, PhD

Nanosciences, nanotechnologies,
materials & new production technologies
National Contact Point
for Research Programmes of the EU
Phone.: +4822 828 7483 ext.: 344,
Fax: +4822 828 5370
e-mail: jaroslaw.piekarski@kpk.gov.pl
Website: http://www.kpk.gov.pl

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