UTEN International Workshop 2010 #3: Nano-Sciences

UTEN International Workshop 2010 #3: Nano-Sciences
Research Collaboration & Network Building for Commercialization

This #3 UTEN Workshop is organized in collaboration with TecMinho, UMinho and UT Austin-Portugal Program and will be held at University of Minho, Campus de Gualtar, from 15 to 16 of November.

On day 1, the workshop will open with Trends in Nano Sciences: challenges from industry and how universities and research institutes are meeting those needs, with key-note speakers Lars Samuelson, Lund University, with “Semiconductor Nanowires: from basic materials physics to IT- and Energy-applications”, followed by Gabriel Aeppli, LCN Director. The rest of the day will focus on building university-industry collaboration, with another key-note speaker on “Investment in NanoSciences: A Global Perspective, Dmitry Lisenkov, RusNano.

On day 2, the #2 UTEN workshop will focus on “Hands-on Training on Technology Venturing: the use of strategic equity and evaluation of your equity position”. This workshop will provide direct training and case studies on the strategic use of equity in the growth of new ventures. We will examine example startup company equity experiences and lessons learned.

Registrations should be made on line http://utenportugal.org/events/nano-workshop-2010/
no later than 5th November 2010.

Best regards,

Maria José Francisco, UTEN Program Manager
Vasco Teixeira, Pro-Rector, University of Minho (chair)
Brian Korgel, UT Austin, CNM (co-chair)


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