Smart textile project developing washable, wearable electronics

The ‘Integrating Platform for Advanced Smart Textile Applications’ (PASTA) project, announced in October, is preparing stretchable and washable modules for smart textile manufacturing.
Johan de Baets, coordinator of the EU-funded project, says the aim is to create sensors, lights and other modules that conform to the behaviour of conductive fibres.

He remarks: ‘There has been a lot of research on integrating conductive fibres: if we can add our modules so that they can be easily added to a conductive fibre, then they should have a reliable connection.’

The consortium for the project, including clothing and textile firms Sport Soie, Decathlon and Ettlin, will produce four demonstrator devices that illustrate the applications of the smart textile devices.

These include bedding for hospital patients that senses movement and moisture; textiles with integrated signage; wearable lighting for cyclists, joggers and other sports users; and textiles to sense pressure in buildings.

The €6.5 million project will also work on making modules that survive typical washing cycles and are compatible with existing textile manufacturing over the next four years.

Supply chain
Previous efforts to develop wearable electronics have often been limited by the lack of standard modules and materials, produced in volumes, that would make smart textile products more commercially viable.

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