Nanotech Meeting – Abstract deadline – MPA 2011 – Algarve – Portugal

MPA 2011 – 5th Int. Meeting on Developments in Materials, Processes and Applications of Emerging Technologies

Abstract deadline : 15 March 2011

The 5th International Meeting on Developments in Materials, Processes and Applications of Emerging Technologies (MPA) will be held in Alvor-Algarve (Portugal) during 28-30 June 2011. MPA 2011 will be the fifth event of the MPA meeting series. The first meeting (MPA-2007) was in 2007 and held at the University of Ulster (Belfast), which officially launched the Society of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology to the international community.

The second meeting in 2008 (MPA-2008) was held at the University of Cambridge (UK). Third MPA was held in Manchester (UK) where Chemistry Nobel Laureate Professor Sir H. W. Kroto, Florida State University (USA) delivered the plenary lecture on “Mechanisms of NanoScale Self-Assembly”.

After its success as MPA-2007, MPA-2008 ,MPA-2009 and MPA 2010 , MPA2011 will continue the aim to attract delegates from academia, industry and research institutes involved with applied research and development. In doing so, the event will provide a platform for academics and industrialists to network, exchange ideas and gain new insights relating to the materials, processing and applications of emerging technologies.

The topics for MPA 2011 include:

1. Commercialisation of Advanced Technologies (Nanotechnology)

2. Surface Technology (Coatings; Thick & Thin Films; Surface Fabrication, Modification & Characterisation)

3. Nanomaterials for Energy Applications

4. Applied Bio-Nanotechnology

5. Carbon Nanotubes/Wires/Rods & their Applications

6. Advanced Nanometrology and Nanomanufacturing Techniques


Plenary lecture – The plenary lecture will be given by a very prominent person. Details about the plenary lecture will follow very soon.
Invited talks – there will be a host of invited people from academia and industry.
Posters – there will be poster display sessions in between the technical talks. We are looking to give out prizes for the best posters.
Oral contributions – people from academia and those from industry or those doing applied research will be given the opportunity to give short 10-15 minute presentations on their most recent work.
Exhibition – companies will have the opportunity to exhibit during this event which will attract people from all over the world.
Short courses – short courses about special topics relating to nanofabrication , nano-characterisation and nano-market applications will be given by experts (eg. Nanofabrication techniques, Bionanosystems, Nano-entrepeneurship, Clean room maintenance, etc.).
Interactive discussion forum – the conference will end with an interactive open discussion forum consisting of academics and industrialists all under one roof discussing issues relating to materials, processes and applications of nanotechnology.

Publications – Papers presented at MPA-2011 will be considered for publication in special issues of the following journals:

Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (JNN)
Journal of Nano Research (JNanoR)

You can submit your abstracts by sending them to
conference website

Conference Chair: Vasco Teixeira (University of Minho, Portugal)
Conference co-chair: Nasar Ali (CNC Coatings Ltd, UK)


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