Molecular Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology is a still evolving technical approach. Applications of this field are beyond our imaginations. Molecular nanotechnology refers to the molecular engineered nanosystems which operate on nano scale in order to build complex structures. Principles of molecular assembly and quantum physics are mainly used in this branch of nanotechnology.

Before concerning about molecular nanotechnology we should clearly understand that ‘molecular assembly’ which specifically mentioned in molecular nanotechnology and ‘self assembly’ which is mentioned in basic nanotechnology are having their own characteristics, even though they operate in hand to hand.

Self assembly means, molecules arrange themselves in an organized manner, in order to give rise to a specific larger material structure. In these procedures voltage or electromagnetic waves can be used to signal the start point, end point, rate of assembly and assembling configuration of the self assembling process.

In molecular assembly molecules are assembled in to a specific configuration by a machine which is a biological or a chemical complex unit. This so called machine, known as the molecular assembler controls the entire assembling process. The signaling methods which involve in the self assembling mechanism: voltage and electromagnetic waves can be used to control the activity of the molecular assembler. As long as the molecular assembler is under control, molecular assembling can be manipulated by human……Continue reading

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