World’s thinnest speakers? Nanotechnology and carbon nanotubes

Our friend nanotechnology has produced a flexible, stretchable, transparent material thinner than paper that can be used as a speaker. This new material can be inserted into clothing, wallpaper, right into the ears or onto windows. The material has been developed by Chinese scientists and is made up of carbon nanotube films and could be used to produce the world’s thinnest speakers.

The new carbon material, which is 1/1000th the width of a human hair can produce sound with the “same quality of conventional speakers” but does not require magnetic drivers or any moving parts at all. This means that it can fit almost anywhere. I’d love to walk down the street in my speaker-shirt playing this or better still this.

Here is a video of the material embedded onto a moving, flexible flag. It’s plugged into the researcher’s ipod. watch and continue reading here.


~ by vascoteixeira on September 18, 2011.

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