Self-cleaning cotton nanoparticle is the future of clothing

Fancy not having to clean your shirts, ever again? All right, that might be a pipe dream for some, but I suppose having some sort of self-cleaning mechanism is better than none at all. We’re talking about the self-cleaning cotton nanoparticle, where according to analysts, such self-cleaning clothes might eventually prove to be very popular in countries that possess humid climates. How did this self-cleaning cotton come about? Well, engineers have managed to create a chemical coating which actually results in the cotton materials to clean themselves of stains and remove odours, especially when they are exposed to sunlight.

According to the researchers, the treatment is not only cheap, it is also non-toxic and ecologically friendly. Retail experts are keeping their fingers crossed that this particular innovation might prove to be a hit with retailers, thanks to a growing demand for “functional clothing”.


~ by vascoteixeira on December 30, 2011.

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