Postdoctoral researcher – Synthesis and characterization of self-assembled materials, INL, International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory, Braga

PD1-CR-2012 – Synthesis and characterization of self-assembled materials

The International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory (INL) seeks a highly-qualified, self-motivated postdoctoral researcher to participate in the research of the Group of Self-assembled Nanostructures.

Self-assembling functional dyes are promising materials for molecular electronics, finding possible applications in biosensors. The cooperative assembly of these dyes with other organic or inorganic species can also produce new nanomaterials with interesting properties. There are fundamental issues concerning the mechanisms of self-assembly of functional dyes that remain to be clarified.

In our group we are interested in the synthesis of new lyotropic discotics with various peripheral groups (e.g. PEG) and cores to enhance solubility, molecular interactions (e.g. for enhanced alignment and binding), as well as cooperative assembly with nanostructured surfaces to produce hybrids with new optoelectronic or magnet-optic properties. Self-assembled materials will be fabricated by wet chemical (solution-based) methods either in the bulk or in the forms of films, assisted by application of external fields (e.g. magnetic, electrical). Decoration of anisotropic particulate nanomaterials (e.g. silver, magnetite nanowires) with the synthesized dyes will be also studied. The goal is to obtain nanomaterials with controlled structure and ordering that translates in improved properties (such as enhanced 1D charge mobility, binding or dichroic properties) and that can be easily integrated into devices (i.e. biosensors) by solution processing.

The Group of Self-assembled Nanostructures of INL welcomes applicants with previous laboratory experience in the organic synthesis, characterization and application of functionalized poly(aromatic) discotic chromophores (e.g. phthalocyanine, porphyrin, perylene, triphenylene, coronene-based) with self-aggregation properties. Experience with synthesis using flow microreactors will be positively evaluated.

The successful candidate must hold a PhD degree in Chemistry, Materials Engineering, or related fields. The applicant should have strong enthusiasm for work, excellent communication skills in English and a good track-record for disseminating results to the scientific community.

In addition to the opportunity to access the state-of-the-art facilities and work in a multidisciplinary environment, INL will offer the successful candidate an exciting and highly competitive research environment, including salaries in line with those offered by other international research organisations, and a comprehensive fringe benefit package. The position is for 2 years. Interested applicants should submit their curriculum vitae (with a full list of publications) and a cover letter describing their research experience and the contact details of two referees.

Enquires about the position should be directed to reo(at)

INL firmly adheres to a principle of non-discrimination.

DEADLINE: 14-05-2012 (23:00 Lisbon time)

online application :


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