Postdoc in Applied Physics/Biophysics or Mechanical Engineering for Tissue Engineering – NanoBio4Trans

DTU Nanotech – The Department for Micro- and Nanotechnology is a research institute at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU Nanotech). DTU Nanotech represents a cross-disciplinary research environment where micro- and nanotechnology are applied to a wide range of scientific disciplines, e.g. mechanics, optics, chemistry, medical technologies, and biotechnology.

EU project – NanoBio4Trans
Organ transplantation has been a major scientific and clinical breakthrough in the 20th century. The innovative therapeutic approach of the 21th century is focusing on bioartificial organs to circumvent present problems such as rejection and poor availability of donor organs. The discovery of human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSC) enables the growth of an almost unlimited supply of a patient ´s own cells, potentially conferring the ability to grow and regenerate tissues and organs from ‘self’, which is envisaged to resolve many organ rejection related issues. Similarly, recent developments in material science and nanobiotechnology have produced engineered materials and devices that can be manipulated and controlled by physical and chemical means, resulting in unique functional or analytical properties. In this highly cross-disciplinary project we will fuse stem cells technologies with micro- and nanofabrication and sensor technologies to produce a bioartifical liver, as well as means to follow its development and function over time. The project is funded from EU-FP7 and includes academic and industrial partners from Sweden, Denmark, The Netherlands and Ireland.

DTU Nanotech is looking for a candidate in Applied Physics/Biophysics or Mechanical Engineering. The postdoc will have a leading role in the development and interfacing of sensor technologies and perfusable 3D scaffold structures with growth of stem cell derived endothelial and hepatic cells. The start date of the position is September 1st 2012 and the length of the position is 1 year with the possibility for a 2-year extension.

The candidate must hold a PhD degree in Applied Physics/Biophysics, Mechanical Engineering or equivalent. He/she should have the following experience:

System design
Micro and nanofabrication.
Theoretical simulations.
International collaborations and cross-disciplinary research.
Experience of cell or tissue engineering.
Salary and terms of employment
The appointment will be based on the collective agreement with the Confederation of Professional Associations. The allowance will be agreed with the relevant union.

Further information
Further information may be obtained from Jenny Emnéus tel: +45 25473548.

You can read more about DTU Nanotech on

Application procedure
We must have your online application by July 29th 2012. Please open the link “apply online” and fill in the application form and attach your application, CV and diploma. The material that should be given consideration in the assessment must be attached.

All interested candidates irrespective of age, gender, disability, race, religion or ethnic background are encouraged to apply.


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