2 Postdoc Positions in Electronic Materials & Nanodevices -Experiment & Modeling Positions-

There is an immediate openings for Postdoctoral fellows in the area of Electronic Materials.

The main areas for these positions are:

■”Multi-scale Modeling of Electronic Materials”. The candidate must be an expert in abinitio modeling and interested in down the roadmap devices of the Electronics Industry. Topics in my group include Phase Change & Resistive Memory, and Protonic Devices. Modeling of atom movement in materials and their correlation to electronic properties is at the core of these phenomena. The postdoc must have the ability and interest to work with students, experimentalists and industry partners.
■“Fabrication and characterization of Nanodevices”. Candidate should be highly enterprising and have the ability to make quick progress and interact with many excellent faculty at UW.
Please apply to M. P. Anantram, anant@uw.edu with CV, names of three references and a detailed cover letter.

Salary: $35,000 onwards per annum depending on the skills

Application deadline: 02 Sep 2012


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