Fully funded PhD studentship – Development of a Graphene Nanoparticle Detector – University of Edinburgh

Eligibility: UK or EU nationals only. application deadline: August 31
Supervisor: Prof. Eleanor Campbell, School of Chemistry, University of Edinburgh
To start 1st September or 1st October 2012

The detection of small neutral nanoparticles is a very challenging problem. Techniques can now reach down to the nm range but the methods either involve ionisation (with the associated issue of varying ionisation probabilities and the possibility of fragmentation) or require using the particles as seed particles to produce larger entities that can be detected via light scattering (with the lack of specific information on the size of the original particle). This project concerns proof-of-principle experiments to determine whether a suspended graphene membrane can be used to produce a sensitive neutral particle detector. The project will involve constructing a mass-selected cluster ion beam to test the response of graphene membranes in UHV to mass-selected species. The experiments will allow the detection principle and also the detection limit of the sensor to be tested as well as any necessary restrictions on particle velocity or constituents. Mass selected neutral particles (e.g. fullerenes) will then be used to demonstrate neutral particle detection. The neutral particle detector can be combined with fs laser ablation of nanoparticles to obtain depth profiling, thus allowing both the mass of neutral particles and their elemental make-up to be determined. The project will be carried out in collaboration with theoretical and experimental groups based in Sweden and Korea.
You should have, or be expecting to achieve, a first or upper second class Honours
degree, or equivalent, in chemistry, physics or chemical physics.
Please address informal enquiries to Prof. Campbell. For the formal application


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