International Seminar Entrepreneurship and Public Policies

Call for papers “International Seminar Entrepreneurship and Public Policies”
Campus de Gualtar, University of Minho | 22nd e 23rd November 2012

Considering the centrality of entrepreneurship in (EU and national) public policies for a strategy for economic growth and job creation, institutions ? and particularly, higher education ? are summoned to create a more favourable environment for entrepreneurship. For this very reason, entrepreneurship may raise new and important challenges for public authorities and different stakeholders (e.g., teachers, researchers, business and industry associations, local and regional authorities, schools and higher education institutions, etc.) in order to develop a national strategy that promotes the entrepreneurship spirit and innovation. However, for policies in this regard to be feasible , it is necessary, on one side, to rethink extant organizational models and functioning, and, on the other side, to strengthen sectorial approaches by fostering entrepreneurial activity, particularly among populations such as women, youth and unemployed workers; in disadvantaged territories and geographical areas; in R&D and in the creation of organizations based on science and technology; and by promoting entrepreneurship education programmes by the education system, among others.
The main purpose of this seminar is to discuss entrepreneurship as a multidimensional reality by using different disciplinary approaches, particularly from the perspective of social sciences.

Submission of proposals
The seminar is open to oral presentations, held in Portuguese or English, and distributed texts. Working languages: Portuguese and English.

– Employment, career and entrepreneurship
– Education, training and entrepreneurship
– Higher education, entrepreneurship and organizational models
– Mobility, intercultural cooperation and entrepreneurship
– Territory, local development and entrepreneurship
– Social entrepreneurship and sustainable development
– Entrepreneurship organizational, networks and populations
– Innovation, academic and technology-based entrepreneurship.

Abstracts (in Portuguese or English) for oral presentation should be sent to until September 23, 2012, using the following structure: Title; Author(s) name(s) and institutional affiliation; Abstract (300 words maximum); 3 keywords; Indication of the chosen topic (see list above). Authors will be notified of the acceptance of their proposals by the scientific board until October 8, 2012. The proposals in text format to be distributed to participants should be sent until October 25, 2012.

Organizing institutions
CICS-UM – Centro de Investigação em Ciências Sociais UMinho; spin-off Laboratório MeIntegra; ANPME – Associação Nacional de Pequenas e Médias Empresas.
Organizing Board: Ana Paula Marques (CICS/UMinho); Manuel Carlos Silva (CICS/UMinho); Rita Moreira (CICS/UMinho); Catarina Tomás (CICS/UMinho); Susana Amaral (CICS/UMinho).


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