19th International Vacuum Congress

19th Interational Vacuum Congress
IVC-19/ICSS-15 and ICN+T 2013

jointly organised with ITFPC 2013/MIATEC 2013/CIP 2013/RSD 2013
This event will provide a unique worldwide opportunity to professionals in the
academic and industrial research communities to share their latest scientific
findings and technological developments in the fields of materials, coatings,
nanosciences and surfaces. More than 150 invited speakers, including Nobel Prize
winners, will present the state-of-the-art in their research fields. About 2,000
presentations will be made in 15 parallel oral sessions and 3 poster sessions.
Supporting this will be an exhibition of scientific instruments, which will take
place in the poster area next to the lecture halls to encourage networking
amongst the delegates, and a program of relevant short courses, delivered by
experienced professionals.

IVC-19 / ICN+T 2013 and partner conferences will be the premier global forum in
2013 for researchers active in the science and engineering of materials,
surfaces, thin films and coatings for diverse applications and environments at
scales from the nano to the macro.

The congress is organised on behalf of the International Union for Vacuum
Science, Technique and Applications (IUVSTA) by a consortium of European Vacuum
Societies (Belgian Vacuum Society, British Vacuum Council, Croatian Vacuum
Society, Czech Vacuum Society, French Vacuum Society, Hungarian Vacuum Society,
Portuguese Vacuum Society, Slovak Vacuum Society, Slovenian Vacuum Society)
willing to work together in close interaction to increase scientific and
technical links and collaboration within Europe.

website: http://www.ivc19.com

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