EuroNanoForum 2013 – Dublin

EuroNanoForum was quoted as Europe’s biggest nanotechnology event. The 6th edition, EuroNanoForum 2013, will take place from 18th- 20th of June 2013 in Dublin.
The event is funded by the European Commission DG RTD and its Industrial Technologies programme and is the main event of the forthcoming Irish Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

Nanotechnology Innovation: Excellent Science | Competitive Industries | Better Society

The event will highlight the commercialisation of nanotechnologies, and the potential for new applications and taking them further from enabling technologies to end products.
It will also introduce the industry to new innovations for growth opportunities.

Please inform and get your (national) stakeholders involved!

By participating, your projects, clusters and companies will get the opportunity to

• See innovative demos and prototypes
• Meet high-profile speakers from industry, government & research
• Showcase at the exhibition
• Participate in calls for Poster and Best Researcher 2013 as well as the Brokerage Day
• Discuss visions for European industry and research in 2020
• Benefit from European funding instruments & meet investors

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