INL-AD1-2012 Administration Director

The International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory – INL is a new Intergovernmental Organization (IGO) registered at the UN, with its headquarters in Braga (Northern Portugal). Founded by Portugal and Spain to foster interdisciplinary research in Nanotechnology and Nanosciences, INL is open to the membership of other countries. It is ruled by an international legal framework and provides a high-tech research environment to address major challenges of Nanosciences.

As a multilateral organization entirely committed to Nanotechnology promotion, industrial-academic cooperation and socio-economic development, INL is hereby launching a call to recruit and experienced Director of Administration with a background in business/industry and scientific institutions to consolidate its administration.

The Director of Administration will help build an innovative, multicultural and multidisciplinary research community of about 400 people that aims to be at the forefront of science, technology and innovation.

Description of role

As a member of the INL Directorate, he/she will supervise the Departments of Finance, Human Resources and Procurement. He/she will provide proactive management of the administration and control all of INL’s financial and administrative matters, including annual budgets, funding control of INL projects, coordination of HR administration, supervision of procurement activities, and the implementation and application of the rules and procedures that govern the organization. The Administration Director will assist and advise in various management areas, giving support in accounting, tax policies, sales contracts, human resources, and fostering relationships with the main INL partners (auditors, ministry departments involved in INL activities, banks, suppliers, etc.).

Specific Responsibilities and Duties

The responsibilities and duties described here are purely indicative and other tasks may be assigned.

The main responsibilities will be:

• Draft and manage the annual budget.

• Implement and apply adequate internal control procedures, control each area’s compliance with budgets, and monitor deviations.

• Supervise and implement payment practices.

• Handle and manage all procedures to procure funding. Liaise with official agencies and institutions as required.

• Prepare detailed reports and conduct analysis on financial, human resources, administrative matters, external audits, statutory statements, and annual financial reports.

• Contribute to the awareness of INL Rules and Regulations, introducing them in all departments and procedures and supervising and advising staff members.

• Supervise tenders on EU and national programs.

• Provide HR management and staffing support (job posting, succession planning, talent reviews, and recruiting of experienced talent).

• Other duties: Perform any other duties as may be assigned by the Director General.

Requirements & qualifications

Education: An advanced degree in a related area.

Experience: The successful candidate must have relevant experience and a proven track record in administration.

The Director of Administration requires a solid understanding of the workings of Spanish and Portuguese governmental institutions, as well as European institutions. This implies frequent interaction with executives and senior officers of both public and private organizations. Fluency in English, Spanish and Portuguese is essential.

Other experience and skills

• Solid negotiating experience with governmental departments at both the EU and national (Portugal and Spain) levels is highly valued.

• Experience in the administration of Public/Private Research Organizations is highly appreciated.

• Operational knowledge of EDRF and EU’s Research Programs.

Salary package will be competitive and commensurate with experience.

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