NMP – Enabling and Industrial Technologies pave the way to a sustainable future

The “Nanosciences, nanotechnologies, Materials and new Production technologies” ( NMP) theme focuses on smart and sustainable growth towards a greener industry. It covers a large range of industrial research activities.

The central objective of the NMP theme is to support the transformation of European industry from a resource-intensive industry (relying on raw materials, labour, energy etc.) to a sustainable knowledge-intensive industry. For future growth and employment, industry must incorporate knowledge into products with high added value and make processes more efficient.

Over the course of 2011, NMP continued to support the European Economic Recovery Plan. This included calls for: “Factories of the Future”, “Energy-Efficient Buildings” and “Green Cars”. Another NMP call addressed research and innovation, with a focus on the eco-design of products and eco-efficient management of water in industrial processes. Further calls examined the efficiency of intensified process systems, the advancement of underground technologies for intelligent mining, the substitution of critical raw materials and fine chemicals from carbon dioxide. Finally, NMP devoted calls to applications of nanotechnologies in various industrial sectors, safety and worker protection, economical production of nanomaterials, and high potential materials for selected applications in healthcare, energy, transport and environment.

Each of these calls aims to improve the competitiveness of European industry – which is the overall goal of the NMP theme. Member States have funded this theme with a total of €3.5 billion over the duration of FP7.

see NMP funded projects (success stories):

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