19th International Vacuum Congress IVC-19 – Paris

The congress is organised on behalf of the International Union for Vacuum
Science, Technique and Applications (IUVSTA) by a consortium of European Vacuum
Societies (Belgian Vacuum Society, British Vacuum Council, Croatian Vacuum
Society, Czech Vacuum Society, French Vacuum Society, Hungarian Vacuum Society,
Portuguese Vacuum Society, Slovak Vacuum Society, Slovenian Vacuum Society)
willing to work together in close interaction to increase scientific and
technical links and collaboration within Europe.


Plenary lecturers:

Dan Shechtman
Technion, Israel ; 2011 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry
Quasi-periodic materials – Crystal redefined

Shoucheng Zhang
Stanford, USA ; 2010 Europhysics Prizewinner
Topological insulators and their edge and surface states

André Borschberg
Solar Impulse Aircraft Project

Lars Samuelson
Lund Univ., Sweden ; 2013 IUVSTA Prize for Science

John T. Grant
Dayton Univ. ; 2013 IUVSTA Prize for Technology

Conference Topics:

Applied Surface Sciences
Astronomical Frontiers for Surface Science
Culturage Heritage
Electronic Materials and Processes
Energy and Sustainable Development
Frontiers in Photoelectron Full-Field Imaging and Spectromicroscopy
Functional Molecules and Molecular Machines
Ionic Liquids Surfaces and Interfaces
Nanoscience and Technology
Plasma Science and technology
Surface Engineering
Surface Science
Thin Films
Vacuum Science and Technology


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